directed and text written by Ayako Nagumo
music written, all instruments, mixed and mastered by Sakana Hosomi



わたしたちは 生まれた

遠い日 幼いなりに 覚えた
わたしは 女の子であると

やがて ひとつの 赤い実を食べる

「善悪の木」に 手を伸ばした罰
それと引き換えに ひとりの 女性になった

見たことのない 母の悲しい表情
生涯愛した父が それを 包んだであろうと

まだ 叶わない
わたしは まだ 途中にいる

One day,
We're born.
Simply, I gave a cry.

On distant day, I learned it childishly.
About the fact that I am the girl.

In due time, I eat one red fruit.

The purnishment that ate a fruit of
"the tree of knowledge of good and evil"
In exchange for it, I became one woman.

Sad expression of mother who has not looked
I think that father who loved her wrapped it.

I want to bloom strongly and solemnly.
It can't be still come true.
I'm still on the way.