Noe Arima/Snow Flower
有馬野絵/Snow Flower

music: Noe Arima
lyrics: Noe Arima / Takafumi Sotoma
mixed and mastered by Sakana Hosomi
produced by Takafumi Sotoma

Noe Arima: programming, piano, pianica and all vocals

photo: Takafumi Sotoma


Snow Flower 作詞・作曲:有馬野絵

藍色のゆめ 空 そら つないだ
鼓動 打つとき 夜 よる 浮かんでた

It's windy day
Snow falls so slow than ever
Will it be back there? Never, ever...

愛の行方 ほら ほら 出逢うでしょう
詩を灯す 手のひら かじかんだ
世界のゆめ 散る ちる 雪の花

It's windy day
Forever, ever...